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The BluesBeaters are ready to beat your blues away! The BluesBeaters are a swingin’, rockin’ bluesy pop & classics American dance band. You name it these guys will (attempt to) play it! Got some special tunes you want for your wedding or party? This band will learn it! The BluesBeaters can be seen locally in NW PA at finer supper clubs, night clubs and special events. This band is perfect all private parties and we specialize in milestone occasions!

For almost 25 years The BluesBeaters have been entertaining audiences in NW PA and Western NY putting their own distinctive musical spin on a wide variety of material. Initially, a straight-ahead, Chicago-style blues band (Lonnie Staggers¹ Blues Beaters), over time, they have evolved to embrace a much larger and diverse repertoire. While a typical performance may include elements of Jazz, vintage and current Pop music, Standards, Rock & Roll and Country, there is the unmistakable presence of early Rhythm & Blues that reveals the true influences shared by all members of this quintet.

The BluesBeaters are first, and foremost, a Dance band. Music should MOVE people! And while no one would argue that music has the power to reach INSIDE and touch one¹s soul there is something special about music that reaches OUT and gets people dancing. Ballads, Swing, Jump Blues, Fast or Slow...just so it gets them on their feet, that¹s what it¹s all about! Want to just listen? That is not a problem. The musicians in The BluesBeaters have years of experience and are superb players and entertainers. You can let your ears do the dancing, but your toes will be tapping!

The BluesBeaters - Fine dance music for All Occasions.


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BluesBeaters Biography

A multi-talented, diverse and eclectic group of musicians, performers and entertainers.

The BluesBeaters have almost 25-years of history and an awesome collection of musicians that have been in this band over the years. The remaining constant has been the rhythm section of Antoine & Dean. They probably would have had a bass & drums duo by now if it were not for the continual stream of amazing guitar, keyboard and utility players that have been in, been through, filled in or sat in with Beaters. Change can be good but it’s also a pain and a lot of work to keep a band together and incorporate new members. Think about how long most bands last. That’s why Antoine & Dean could not be happier with the current, stable (3-years and counting) edition of the band. With all due respect to the past this is the best one yet. Don’t miss these guys. Nothing is forever….but we’re making a run at it

Antoine Bio Pic

Leader, founding member and artist extraordinaire Antoine Jack plays bass, arranges and sings... "Versatility, flexibility, and intuition are absolutely essential when you¹re playing for others. I love to work with this band. They’re all really good"

Dean Bio Pic

Production director, founding member and professional AV technician Dean Gleason plays drums, produces and sings..."Playing with the level of musicians that have come through and are currently in this band has made me a better player."

Flip Bio Pic

Classically-trained member and full-time professional musician and artist Flip DeBerg plays keyboards, harmonica and sings..."I like things simple; easy to can say a lot with two, three or four notes. I like the classics nobody remembers" 

Henry Bio Pic

Early rocker, R&B aficionado and retired delivery systems expert Henry Tee plays guitar and sings..."Let¹s give it a shot. Bring it on. We¹ll do what we got to do. This band can put a new spin on it."

Allen Bio Pic

Dr. Allen Zurcher a world class jazz and classical musician and professor of music plays saxophone, percussion and sings….”I like the driving beats, the R&B influence, the dancers and I get to sing.”

Jeff Bio Pic

Jazzy Jeff Gibbens a professional musician in demand across the country and an entrepreneur plays trumpet, Flugelhorn and sings…”Parts are important and need to work together in the arrangement. I like that it happens consistently in this band and I have fun.”

Please note that “and sings” appears six times above. Every one of the current lineup is an excellent vocalist and as far as lead, background and harmonies go these guys have it all covered. There’s no ‘American idols’ here. They’re better singers than that. This band is also strong with instrumentals and often the first show of an evening may be entirely instrumental. Audiences are typically wowed when they come out singing after that.

Every performance holds the potential to open a new door with a new direction. The BluesBeaters will continue to follow the musical opportunities that present themselves to them. You are cordially invited to come along for the ride. This band truly appreciates the fans, the followers, the dancers, their friends and families. They have learned to enjoy every performance like it’s their last. But that hopefully won’t be for a while

Photos accredit to Gibbens Creative.

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