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2016 The Year Ahead

We at JB Pro Sound are excited about the new year. We are expanding our product lines and services in order to provide 'one stop shop' for your AV and installation needs. In 2015 this new website was launched with little fanfare, introduction or promotion. That's about to change. We now have a vehicle to provide you the most current industry news, what we're up to, what's new and offer some great deals on new and used audio and video equipment. Our staff and network of AV experts has also grown. We have new partners on both the audio and video sides of things. When there's something exciting at JB Pro Sound it will be here! And below we have some great new products and a pretty good offering of new and used gear we would like to move.


JB Pro Sound is excited to offer two new product lines to our customers. Blizzard Lighting is a full line Architectural, Stage/Touring, specialty and budget lighting manufacturer. Many house of worship customers are using inexpensive Puck stage fixtures for platform and up lighting. (See video below) as well as more sophisticated indoor and outdoor architectural fixtures in new construction and renovations. Let JB Pro Sound help you reimagine your worship space with LIGHT!

HME Wireless is another new line we are enthusiastic about. In particular for our house of worship customers we now carry nursery paging systems. This system enables parents in your congregation to be quietly and individually alerted to any needs or their presence being required. They work much like the restaurant pagers we are all accustomed to. (HME also manufactures those and they are also available from JB Pro Sound.) We have always stressed the importance of having distributed sound and video going to the nursery. NOW the nursery can silently communicate with the sanctuary.

Also visit our Tech Corner on our Sales Page for more information on current AV technology!

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